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Character Trait: Self - Control
Posted On:
Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Self-control the ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires or the expression of them in one's behavior, especially in difficult situations. The ability to exert self-control is typically called willpower. Willpower is what allows people to direct their attention, and it underlies all kinds of achievement, from school to the workplace. There is significant debate in science as to whether or not willpower is a finite resource.

Some well-known studies have made a case that exercising willpower makes demands on mental energy. Self-control is an important skill that allows us to regulate behavior in order to achieve our long-term goals. Research has shown that self-control is not only important for goal attainment. People with greater willpower tend to do better in school, have higher self-esteem, and better physical and mental health.

While selfcontrol is a limited resource, research also suggests that there are things that you can do to improve and strengthen your willpower over time. Ways we can show Self-control at our school!
1. Be clear about expectations. 
2. Help identify feelings. ...
3. Play at self-control. ...
4. Take a break. ...
5. Give a related reward.
6. Praise your child's efforts.

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